Moped is about the marketer inside us all, borne out of our relentless desire to be connected and inspired whilst in the ‘Bay’. Our purpose is lofty ...

‘To connect, share and support marketers in the Bay to learn, broaden and grow marketing competency, expertise, leadership and network within a professional environment/organisation’

Quite simply we help create the space and occasion for you to be inspired and motivated through sharing the personal stories, case studies and learnings of awesome people who have been and are doing their ‘marketing thing’ in different ways and industries around NZ and the world. Come join us!

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Paul Head - Thursday 29 October

Paul Head - Thursday 29 October


New Event Date: Thursday 29 October 2020

Cost: $30 per person (Includes nibbles and a welcome beverage)

Come and hear Paul Head, CEO of The Comms Council combine the key findings from Peter Field’s evidence based book ‘Why aren’t we doing this’, with his own career experiences and highlights, that prove beyond doubt the value of building strong and consistent brands and the positive impact this has on long term profitability.

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We connect through our events and ocasions and also our MOPED Linkedin page. This is our network so take the opportunity to connect, seek support, look for talent and opportunities.

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