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Inspired by the opportunity to use, share and grow skills honed in New Zealand and internationally, the Professional Marketers Bay of Plenty network was created in 2012. Unlike other networks or associations, the Professional Marketers Bay of Plenty network is driven by individuals, not the companies they may own, work for, or work with. The Professional Marketers Bay of Plenty network has a simple purpose borne out of a desire:

‘To connect, share and support marketers in the Bay to learn, broaden and grow marketing competency, expertise, leadership and network within a professional environment/organisation’


  • To raise Bay of Plenty standard/achievement

  • To be aspirational and relevant

  • To enable cross-pollination of ideas and resources

  • To connect, access, broaden, learn and share in a professional construct.

We will achieve this by:

  • Holding high-quality events with key speakers on a quarterly basis

  • Giving back to the community by bringing high-quality speakers to the Bay

  • Facilitating learning, inspiration and motivation from others within the group

Add to this the opportunity to meet new marketing enthusiasts, support growth - be it economical, business or personal. The growing collective of over 200 individuals, sharing a mutually beneficial purpose is what the Professional Marketers Bay of Plenty network is all about.

So join us now


The network’s membership is individual, led forward by a “steering group” who represent a cross-section of the industries and experience pooled in the region, experience that covers all aspects of the marketing mix from advertising to events, strategy to online design.


Committee Members

Glenn Dougal (Chair), WAVE Creative Communications Agency, gd@waveagency.co.nz

Larissa Allen, Events Manager, hello@moped.org.nz

Sue Axcell, The Gap

Amy McCondach - Evergreen Garden NZ

Gillian Johnston - Sprout Customer Research

Kirsten Ogden - Fuel Agency

Chris Williams - King St Advertising

Jonathan Swan - Tauranga City Council

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