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Dissecting Digital Marketing with Mel Lee

Dissecting Digital Marketing with Mel Lee

Written by Sophie Jaggs from Likeable Lab.

Digital marketing can be overwhelming and scary.

So many competitors and so many platforms.

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn and now Vero! 

The mind boggle begins. Where do you invest your time and money? What platforms are best for your business? What and when do you post?

It’s enough to throw in the towel before you’ve even begun. 

But wait. Hold the towel. Mel Lee can help. 

Mel is a digital savvy, super experienced marketer. We joined Mel at the BNZ building where she fired bullets of social media gold at us to help us with our social media journeys. 

To be honest, I couldn’t write fast enough, but I do have some highlights for you. 

Soak up Mel’s knowledge below.  


Facebook is still the master

Despite what people say Facebook is still the most popular platform, with the help of Facebook Messenger of course.

People spend (on average) 21 hours a week on Facebook and Messenger. If that’s not reason for your business to be on Facebook, then I don’t know what is.

Facebook is still the most cost effective method of digital advertising. So if you’re after bang for buck, make sure you’re posting relevant content and sending it to the right audience.


When to post

Sending an email campaign? Send it on Tuesday (or Thursday) at 9am. There’s proven results that this is the best time. 

Posting a video? Send it when people are most likely to be connected to wifi - evening/late at night. 

Posting anything to Facebook or Instagram? Friday night when people are at home watching the comedy line up, or Sunday night when people are having a quiet night. 


It’s all about trust

You can’t expect people to come along, see your post and click buy. People need trust. 

And how do you get it? 

By talking to people and showing them the real you.

So if you’re not already doing the following, try these:

  • Create conversations on your social media post. If someone comments on your post, reply to them individually. Think about this when you’re creating your content too.
  • Facebook community groups are a winner! Creating a community group gets your potential customers talking right in front of you. And you’ll be top of mind when they decide to buy. 
  • Install live chat or Facebook messenger on your website. If people can chat you instantly, they’re more likely to trust that you’re real.
  • Facebook Live - there is nothing more real and personal than a live video. It’s a chance to show off your personality on a more casual level. And the great thing about live video on Facebook and Instagram is that it doesn’t have to be perfect.


Final bits of advice

  • Trial everything 
  • Review post performance (regularly)
  • Tweak placements if you need to
  • Remove it if it’s not working
  • Split your budget to trial different posts - which one works better?
  • Don’t be scared by trying new platforms. The new ones are often cheaper and have less competition. 

Final, final bit of advice from Mel... Create snap-able, thumb-stoppable content. Make people smile and dream over your posts. 

Mel, it was an absolute pleasure listening to you. Thank you for sharing your tried and tested methods of digital marketing and giving us lots to think about in a non-daunting kind of way. 

Ready to pull your head out of the sand?

Go and show your business to the world.

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