Past Events

Gemma Hignett - Marketing & Product Development Manager

Back from the pandemic, our first event for the year, features Gemma Hignett a marketing & product development manager for Evergreen Garden Care NZ.

Gemma is a marketing professional, former MoPed committee member, and passionate advocate for brands, businesses and individuals taking a more sustainable approach to our choices to ensure our beautiful country continues to thrive for future generations.

Attend for free and listen to Gemma talk on how there is an opportunity for organisations and brands to proactively lead the charge in making sustainability-led changes to products, services, and business operations, and to leverage this as a competitive advantage. As marketers we can champion these changes and drive value into our brands through authentic action and communication that connects with customers hearts and minds.

We look forward to seeing you there and kickstarting MoPed off again with a sustainable bang!

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