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From a small provincial brand in the Wairarapa, to one of New Zealand’s most Iconic Beer brands – how a simple, single minded strategy and heartfelt passion from a small marketing team can transform a brand and business.

Nick Rogers, Commercial and Marketing Manager at DB Breweries  (DB) will share a colourful journey of how they created the TUI brand personality and brought it to life through experiential marketing – and keeping it real.  He will demonstrate the loyalty gained when you strike the right emotional cord with your target audience; and finally how having a brand that is loved can transform brand into business profit and consumer value.

Monteith’s is one of New Zealand’s oldest craft beer brands.  The brewery is a West Coast treasure, and the goal of Monteith’s Brewing Co is to become the largest ‘man made’ tourism attraction on the West Coast.  Find out how Nick and his team have transformed the Monteith’s Brewery Experience to pull tourists into Greymouth.

Now Nick has turned his attention on the fledgling Micro Craft Market – developing the small Black Dog Brew Co in Wellington,  to become a formidable craft offering on the New Zealand beer stage.

If you want some insight into the value of creating an emotional attachment to your brand, and how experiential marketing can amplify brand. - this will be an informative and enjoyable presentation.

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