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Product diversification and Innovation

NZ Manuka Group harvests some of New Zealand’s best known natural treasures, and transforms them into distinctly differentiated consumer and medical grade products highly sought after around the world. Using Seaweed, nectar collected from bees and Manuka Leaves their product range consists of laboratory grade agar and bio-media, UMF Manuka Honey and natural health products and Manuka Oil.

Apart from sharing these natural treasures with the world, New Zealand Manuka Group is sharing the exciting opportunity afforded by their strong science commitment, and significant R&D and marketing investment, with an extensive array of stakeholders involved in the business – including beekeepers and landowners via partnership arrangements, and engagement with local communities.

Phil Caskey is the visionary founder and driving entrepreneurial spirit behind the company.

Recognising the wider potential of Manuka based products beyond Manuka honey, Phil has driven scientific research into new products, new production facilities and cultivation and harvesting of Manuka plantations into an ever expanding product range.

From founding the company, through establishing supply partnerships, directing research, developing harvesting and production facilities, Phil has lead from the front, quite literally, in planning his vision, building teams of collaborators, building relationships, harvesting and building the plant and facilities themselves.

Come along and hear his journey through product diversification and innovation.

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