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Sarah Jesson on the importance of accessibility in our marketing

Hear about Sarah's experience working closely with Deaf Aotearoa to promote the use of New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL), to help everyday Kiwis pick up a few signs and include them in their vocab’ … the more hearing Kiwis give signing a go, the more included the Deaf community feel. 

So, come along to discover the joy of learning a few basic signs, and to better understand the importance of accessibility in our marketing for our local and national Deaf community.

A little about Sarah:

Sarah has a Bachelor of Communications Studies, with a major in Public Relations, from Auckland University of Technology. 

Sarah's background is in corporate communications, marketing communications and local government. Working in the communications department for the Christchurch City Council throughout the major earthquakes, she was one of two communications advisors working on the Central City Plan to rebuild Christchurch, including work on the internationally recognised "Share An Idea” marketing campaign. 

Sarah currently owns and manages Breathe Public Relations, a full-service PR and marketing agency based in Pāpāmoa, specialising in public relations, social media management and influencer marketing. Breathe PR protects, enhances and builds reputations for businesses and organisations through the media, social media and various marketing channels. 

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