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MoPed with Simon Barnett from OBO

New Zealand company OBO turns 25 years old this year and has dominated at the Olympics. Hear from marketing expert Simon Barnett on how.

Simon Barnett is the founder of OBO and a marketing lecturer at Massey University.

OBO is a niche company based in Palmerston North, New Zealand. They are manufacturers of goalie protection gear for Hockey.

OBO is 25 years old this year and has a fabulous success story. They now sell into 72 countries globally and at the Rio Olympics 100% of the female field hockey goalies used OBO and 55% of the men. For a Palmy based niche company with a small target market, that is pretty impressive!

Hear Simon speak on “how a small bunch of committed people from Palmy have taken on the world ...and won”.

Don't miss out on seeing how OBO does things a bit differently - from its products, to its colour palette, to the company slogan “Good sh*t that really works”.

Plus, Simon has a huge depth of knowledge and experience in the marketing industry that you are sure to come away with some pearls of wisdom.

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